The Australian Risk Policy Institute is a non-political and non-profit organisation formed to promote and encourage greater focus on risk policy in leadership, decision-making and management across all sectors in Australia. Risk policy is the driver and pinnacle of risk management and must be clearly articulated by Boards and Executive Committees to ensure integrated risk management is optimised - for best-practice performance and sound corporate governance.


  1. To contribute to the development of risk policy covering whole-of-business-sector or whole-of-government approaches in Australia to ensure challenges, problems and opportunities facing the country are effectively addressed.

  2. To ensure a risk policy approach is better understood and articulated at senior executive levels, from cabinet ministers to boards and company executives and management teams.

  3. To make comment on a range of issues, including policy and legislation, from risk-based perspectives.

  4. To promote risk policy development and implementation, share risk policy knowledge and understanding, provide a network for professionals interested in risk policy and conduct research into risk policies.

  5. To publish papers on risk policy issues to promote community awareness, discussion and debate.

Risk Policy connects leaders with Risk and the Model explains how leaders can better use Risk in Decision-Making. Risk Policy offers new thinking, new approaches and new frameworks to inform Leadership, Decision-Making and Public Policy.